What's the Point?

Okay, so we know how I’ll benefit from this endeavor. I’ll gain experience in the great outdoors that will help me write a better book set in the Adirondacks. But you, my dear reader, may well be asking, “What’s in all this for me?” Hopefully you’ll gain a little knowledge, have a few laughs, and vicariously enjoy a sense of adventure. Think of it as a modern-day Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, where you get to sit comfortably at your computer screen – much like Marlin Perkins watching from a safe distance behind some bushes. I, on the other hand, will go out into the wild, ala Jim Fowler, and do all the heavy lifting in an effort to entertain you.

            Well, on second thought…


About Me

Who I am: a mystery writer named Betsy Bitner. But my kids call me "mom," my mom calls me "the greatest living writer to never have won the Pulitzer Prize," and the local sheriff calls me "a person of interest."


Where I live: for three months of the year I live within the Adirondack Park in a place with central heating and air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and electricity. For the rest of the year I live in a town within spitting distance of the Adirondacks – if you’re a really, really, really good spitter.


Talents: sleeping, playing computer solitaire, ordering takeout.


Hobbies: collecting phobias, staying inside


Career Goals: to be considered an expert in my field, even if it's in some weird parallel universe where the totally clueless are considered experts.



Tied for first place in high jump, Kensington Road Elementary School field day 1972;

Voted “Most Likely to Have a Wildly Successful Blog” Queensbury High School 1979[1];

Still hoping to get a call from the Nobel people[2]




[1] Okay, okay. All you brainiacs got me on a technicality. 1979 was the dark ages and back then my blog entries all began “Dear Diary” and were kept under lock and key stuffed between my mattress and box spring. But trust me, there was some really good stuff in there.

[2] Of course, if my grades in chemistry, physics, math, literature and, oh yeah, peace ever get out, I can kiss my plane ticket to Oslo goodbye.